Get rid of flour and semolina insects in easy ways; follow these tips to keep fresh

 Get rid of flour and semolina insects in easy ways; follow these tips to keep fresh

Some food items kept in the kitchen start getting spoiled during monsoon season. Insects are often found in flour and semolina, especially during rains. Due to which not only it becomes difficult to clean the flour and semolina, but their taste also changes to a great extent. However, if you wish, with the help of some easy methods, you can get rid of insects lying in flour and semolina in a pinch.

Actually, the humidity in the season is very high during the monsoon. Due to which there is a risk of getting mites or insects in the flour and semolina. In such a situation, you may have to throw flour and semolina even if you do not want to. That’s why we are going to share with you some ways to keep flour and semolina safe, by trying which you can keep semolina and flour away from insects even in rainy season.

Follow these methods to keep the flour and semolina fresh

Keep the flour and semolina in

The sun To remove the mites or insects from the flour and semolina, the best and easiest way is to expose them to sunlight. For this, spread the flour and semolina on a clean vessel or cloth and keep it in the sun. After showing the sun for a whole day, you will see that the worms will disappear from the flour and semolina.

You can also use a sieve to remove the mites from the flour and semolina. For this, put flour or semolina in a fine sieve and sieve it. Due to this, the mites and insects will remain in the sieve and the flour or semolina will be cleaned immediately.

Use of salt to help

Protect the flour or semolina from insects, the use of salt is also best. Let us tell you that by adding whole salt to the flour or semolina box, there is no fear of getting insects, as well as the flour and semolina remain fresh

Do these things,

You can also use cloves to keep the flour or semolina mite free and fresh. For this, put some pieces of cloves in the container of flour and semolina. On the other hand, if you do not have cloves, you can tie need leaves in a cloth and put them in the container.

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