Explainer: Why do crowds become unruly and how to keep yourself safe in those crowds? Learn everything

Explainer: Why do crowds become unruly and how to keep yourself safe in those crowds? Learn everything

LONDON: Crowded events can turn into a nightmare at any moment. It is often seen that even a good and happy atmosphere turns into a horrible scene in a matter of moments due to unruly crowd. Recently, nearly 150 people lost their lives due to an uncontrollable crowd that gathered on Halloween in Seoul. Crowd management experts believe that it is the responsibility of civil defense officials and event organizers to make arrangements for the safety of people during such massive events. But once the crowd starts getting unmanageable, it becomes very difficult to handle. In such a situation, let’s try to understand what can be the preventive measures in such a situation.

How to know when a crowd is dangerous

The density can change in a matter of moments and by the time the situation seems dangerous, the crowd has become so close that it becomes difficult for a person to get out of it. But there are some signs of a sensed danger. Professor of Crowd Science at Suffolk University, England. Keith Still says that if the crowd is moving very slowly, it clearly means that the crowd density is increasing. It is very important to listen to the noise of the crowd, if you can hear people crying out of discomfort and distress, it will be a sign that things can go out of control at any moment. In such a situation you should also pay attention to your instincts. Even in Seoul, many people left when they felt that the situation was now looking unsafe.

Martin Amos, crowd specialist and professor of computer and information science at Northumbria University, says the situation is dangerous if the crowd concentration becomes 5 people per square metre. Crowd density is hard to gauge though, so when you feel like you’re in a bind, it’s time to go. Amos says that when you start to feel that things are out of your control, when you are not driving yourself, but the crowd is driving you and it becomes difficult to move forward on your own accord. In such a situation, if you can pull yourself out and then keep your eyes open and leave as soon as you find the right path.

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