Due to anger, the body suffers these 8 damages

 Due to anger, the body suffers these 8 damages

Anger is of two types, one is the scolding that the child gets from the parents for making a mistake, we call it normal and to some extent justified anger, the other anger which exposes the hidden ego inside the person. Such an angry person, while causing trouble for himself, also creates many problems for the people living around him.

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Usually a person gets angry only when he does not get something according to his mind. In such a situation, a person becomes irritable and angry over talk. Many times a person remains angry or upset due to poor health. So in this way every person has a special reason for his own anger. Today we will talk here, what is the effect of getting angry on your body.

effect on brain

When anger comes, such chemical elements are formed in the brain, which have a bad effect on the body and mind. People who are more angry also have a higher chance of brain stroke.

increased blood pressure

When we start reacting very quickly about something, then gradually the effect of blood in the body starts happening rapidly. Which later became high BP. gives rise to disease.

weak thinking power

By putting too much emphasis on the mind, the power of thinking and understanding of a person becomes weak. Due to which he lags behind others in life.


Getting angry over small things makes you a victim of stress and depression. Due to which instead of being happy, you start living sad and sad or you always think of taking your anger out on others.

week immune system

Too much anger weakens your digestive power. It has also been found in research that people who are more angry or keep negative things in mind, they digest food after 3 to 4 hours as compared to others.

decrease in growth

Children who are more angry, it directly affects their growth. Due to always being irritable, the child is not able to grow proper height.

bad effect on sleep

Sound sleep is very important for a healthy life. But those who are more angry, their brain cells come under so much stress that it becomes difficult for them to sleep peacefully.

getting angry on the phone

Those who talk to others shouting for hours on the phone, their brain nerves have a very bad effect. The dangerous vibrations of mobile phones work to numb the nerves of the brain. Due to which the power of thinking and understanding of the person is weak.

These are the bad effects on the body due to anger. If you also get very angry, then try to keep it under control from today itself. So that you can avoid these health-related problems.

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