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Ajmo: Digestive, hot, antiseptic, regulates lung shrinkage development, excellent stimulant, invigorating, prevents decay in any part of the body, deodorant, ulcer-wound-healer, cough, flatulence, uterine  Is deworming.  Ajma pathi taken with half a teaspoon of powder and half a teaspoon of Sanchal or Sindhav water every morning and night cures the above problem.

Parsley Powder: Wavding, Sindhav, Chitrakamul, Piprimul, Deodar, Lindi Pepper, Fennel and Black Pepper 10-10 grams each, Harde 50 grams and Vardharo 100 grams together are called powdered parsley powder.  Taking half to one teaspoon of this powder with lukewarm water relieves swelling, rheumatism, rheumatism, sciatica – sciatica, buttocks, waist, buttocks, back, buttocks, sciatica, pain in the soles of the feet.  Vibration is also very beneficial.  This is an excellent medicine for all types of flatulence.

Adad: is extremely nutritious.  It contains excellent protein, which strengthens the muscles of the body.  Cleanses heavy excrement in heavy digestion, viscous gummy, sweet after digestion, appetite stimulant, antiseptic, potent spermicidal, vajikar means increase sexual power, increase breastfeeding, strengthen the body, and hemorrhoids  Is the destroyer of air.  Using Adad increases sex.  That’s why we eat half a crop there in winter.  Adad is a tonic and an antidote.  In Ayurveda, Adad is called Shukal.  From Adad, Venus – semen grows.  Adad increases masculinity rapidly.  The main component of semen is protein.  All beans have protein, but lentils have excellent protein.  It also enhances libido and sexual potency as it is aerobic and potent.  Those who do not have children due to sperm deficiency in semen should use Adad and Adadia crops.

Toxic bud: Hyperventilation bud Extremely venomous bud is considered to be something hot, sharp, flammable, binding to fecal matter, trigeminal neuralgia, diarrhea, phlegm, cough, venom, vomiting, thirst, worms, hemorrhoids, scabies, diarrhea and all diseases.  Ativisha is the best as an antidote, a digestive and a collector’s medicine.  Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, digestion of food and constipatioThe best thing to do is to calm down the irritated air, gall bladder.  In addition to this, it has the property of digging up the excrement-scraping feces.  There are three types of antidote buds: white, black and yellow.  But only white is used in medicine.  Use only what is white after breaking the bud.  Diarrhea – An excellent remedy for diarrhea.  Diarrhea of ​​any kind requires digestion, digestion and storage medicine. 


Diarrhea has these three qualities and is also an antidote.  Therefore, in case of diarrhea, put 2-3 grams powder of both ginger and antiviral in 1 kg of water and boil it over low heat.  When half the water is burnt, strain it, cool it and add lemon or pomegranate juice.  This helps in digestion.  Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract stops thin diarrhea.   Toxins are diuretic, digestive and accumulative.  So it is an excellent remedy for diarrhea.  As it is an antipyretic, ginger and hyperthermia in diarrhea are boiled in half a teaspoon of water in half a glass of water, boiled, filtered, cooled, a teaspoon of lemon juice is taken and drunk in the morning and evening to cure gastritis.  

Diarrhea other than hemorrhoids is not at all toxic as the benefits of this treatment are

Abhayadi Kwath:Abhaya means herd.  Along with this, Nagarmoth, Dhana, Ratandali, Padmakastha, Arduso, Indrajav, Valo, Galo, Garmalano jaggery, Kalipat, Ginger and Kadu should be crushed together with equal weight.  Put two teaspoons of powder in two cups of water and boil it till there is only one cup left. Get a little pepper powder and make it fresh in the morning and evening.  It is an excellent medicine for appetite, digestion and cleansing of excrement.

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