Do not eat leftover stale food even by mistake, there are so many disadvantages

 Do not eat leftover stale food even by mistake, there are so many disadvantages

It would often happen to you too that as soon as you open the fridge, a lot of leftover food is seen in it. Many times, due to our busy schedule, we cook more food so that we do not have to cook it again and again, sometimes we order more food than required or many times we do not feel like eating after cooking. Whatever be the reason, whenever any food is left, we keep it in the fridge and then reheat it and eat it later or the next day. But is it safe to reheat leftover food?

At what temperature should leftover food be stored?

There are some food items that you can consume later but only if you store that leftover food properly. Do you know how long you can keep leftover food in the fridge? At what temperature should leftover food be kept in the fridge? If you are not aware of these things, then it is better that you do not consume leftover food because leftover food i.e. leftover stale food can harm your body in many ways.

bacteria thrive in food,

when we cook food and put it in the fridge instead of eating it immediately and eat it later, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms start growing in it. Huh. This is because after cooking, you do not keep it in the fridge immediately, but keep it in the fridge after coming to room temperature. Due to this practice, the bacteria multiply in the food, due to which there is a risk of falling ill.

Digestive problems

When these bacteria present in the leftover food go inside our body, they obstruct the process of digestion and the food is not digested properly. In such a situation there are problems like indigestion, gas, acidity. Not only this, many times the test of leftover food does not look bad but it has become fermented and the problem of acidity remains for a long time by consuming such food.

risk of food

poisoning The risk increases significantly. Due to these harmful bacteria, the risk of food poisoning also increases significantly.

There can also be diarrhea,

if food poisoning increases too much, along with vomiting, there is a severe pain in the stomach, due to which the problem of dehydration in the body starts and diarrhea can also occur. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your health before eating leftovers.

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