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 The Election Commission of India has published the list of 2020 voters on its official website.  With the features of System Online, you do not have to go to the booth with proof of identity or other required documents to find your name in the voter list. 

     The right to vote is the heart of any democracy.  True democracy belongs to the people of every democracy, who ultimately decide the fate of the country by electing representatives to run the government.  According to voters, India is the largest democracy in the world.  In a country with such a population, the interests and opinions of different countries differ.

     Voter List How can you check your name on Gujarat-Online website?

     It is not enough for a person to vote in an election in India to have a voter ID card.  Before the election, the person must check whether his name is in the voter list.  The Election Commission now allows a person to verify his name in the online voter list.  Just follow these steps:

     After visiting the place, you can find your name in the voter list in two ways.

     Helpline for downloading Gujarat CEO Voter List

     NGRS helpline number “1950”, 1800-22-1950

     National Contact Center activities on all working days from 8am to 8pm

     You can call the government contact center at 1950 to get information and status in the regional language. 

     In 1993, the Government of India introduced the Voter Identity Card to facilitate the voting process and give every eligible citizen the opportunity to vote.  Voter ID is now given EPIC size – Election Image ID.

    Your name in the voter list

      First, open the official govern website

     Then find the name on the Voter List tab

     Select opsand following

     Company / Municipality / Taluka-District Panchayat

     Then enter your name or your Epic card number.

     How to apply for Voter Identity Card in Gujarat

     If you want to apply for Gujarat Voter Identity Card, fill up a form and send it to the Election Office along with supporting documents.

     The following is a description of the process for obtaining a voter ID card in Gujarat:

     If you meet the eligibility criteria to become a voter, then buy Form 6 issued by the Election Commission of India to be included in the voter list.  If you want to change your address or information on your current voter ID, you must obtain separate forms.  Remember, you cannot register as a voter in two different regions.

     The model number with the objectives is shown below for reference:

     Form 6 – Apply to add a new name to the voters list

     Form 7 – Application for objection to inclusion of names in the voters list

     Form 8 – Application form for revision of voter list data

     Form 8A – Application form for transfer of entry in the voter list

     Anyone can easily download Voter List 2021 from this app.

     Find names, polling stations and epic numbers in the list of Indian voters from all counties.  India 2021 Voter List Online |  You can now find your name in the Electric Roll / Voter List using this app and get some new features in addition.

      Application features

    Verify voter ID card

     Upload voter ID

     All India Voter List 2020 and Voter Identity Card Discount

તમારી ડિટેલ્સ ચેક કરવા અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

     Water ID – In addition to providing some basic information, download your voter ID card from the national voter portal and navigate to your voter card without hesitation.  This is the best app for downloading digital voter cards.

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