Beware of the mobile tower installation scams, says COAI and DIPA

 Beware of the mobile tower installation scams, says COAI and DIPA

The telecom industry, represented by DIPA (Digital Infrastructure Providers Association) and COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India)- the two apex representative bodies of telecom infrastructure providers in India and telecom service providers respectively, have recently cautioned the public against the fraud related-to the installation of mobile towers on their properties.

The public is cautioned against certain companies, agencies, or individuals who are fraudulently approaching people and asking them to deposit money in their personal or company accounts in the name of government tax for leasing their premises for the installation of mobile towers. The same individuals are additionally offering fake “No Objection Certificates” from the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology for the installation of towers.

Mobile towers are installed either by Telecom Service Providers (TSP) or Infrastructure Providers (IPs). People are requested to verify authenticity by visiting the websites of TSPs or IPs before accepting any offers for tower installation. An updated list of approved TSPs and IPs is also available at

Lt. Gen. Dr SP Kochhar, DG, COAI said, “The public suffers gravely owing to the fraud related to mobile towers. This is causing a trust deficit and a sense of insecurity towards the team personnel working on the ground to build a robust communication network. The telecom industry remains committed to providing the best quality of services to its customers. Hence, we have collaborated with DIPA to build the required robust infrastructure. Also, we are issuing notices on various platforms to ensure that consumers are aware of these fraudulent practices.”

T R Dua, DG, DIPA, said, “The mobile towers are installed by the Telecom Infrastructure providers like Indus Towers, American Tower Corporation, Summit Digital Infrastructure, Ascend Telecom, Tower Vision. IPs are taking several steps to caution the public about the frauds and have devised various modes to collect information about potential locations through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, e-mails etc. Besides this, as a responsible association, DIPA has also been publishing a public notice in newspapers for alerting the public about the tower frauds.”

Members of the public can call on the national consumer helpline from anywhere in India by dialling 14404 or 1800114000 for more information on this matter.

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