Auto Cut Paste Photo – Photo Cut-Paste APK Download Free 2020

Auto Cut Paste Photo Editor is the most advanced photo editing tool for backgrounds, and the most important 

feature is that you can share your work directly with your friends on social networks with the click of a button.  Hope you like this app. 

Best Free Background Remover using Magic Background Eraser.  Auto Cut Paste is the most advanced photo editing tool for removing photo backgrounds and changing photo backgrounds.  Auto Cut Paste Background Remover You can remove parts of the image or use a brush to paint it.

After editing the image, just click the button, and the background becomes transparent and ready to accept another image as the background.  Auto Select & Paste Photo Editor You can apply various effects by adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation etc. of the image.  

The ultimate background eraser for photos with which you can create your wonderful selfie by cutting a photo from one photo or placing it on another special photo.  Auto Cut Paste Editor You can cut a part or an entire object from an image and paste it into another image.

Features: –

Select a photo from the gallery or take a photo.

Cut out the original image using many tools like Photoshop.

You can use the reset option to create a nice photo or track / modify changes.

Choose your wallpaper or choose from a beautiful collection of 8 HD wallpapers.

Click Zoom In to rotate the image to resize the background.

Add a retro effect to the created photo.

Adjust the opacity, brightness, contrast in the created image.

Choose from a variety of effects to give your photo a real look.

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Photophone Converter does not require internet connection.

Automatic Cut Paste Editor is completely free to download.

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