Are you not eating cement and lime instead of red chili, turmeric or coriander? In this way, identify your spices kept in the kitchen

 Are you not eating cement and lime instead of red chili, turmeric or coriander? In this way, identify your spices kept in the kitchen

Adulterated Spices : 

The holy festival of Navratri is going on and according to Hindu beliefs, you have to eat clean food. It is always advisable to eat pure food during fasting or even generally to keep the body healthy. Not only this, people are also asked to stay away from adulterated food. But how far a person should avoid adulterated things, hardly anyone would have thought about it. There are many such food items in the market, which are adulterated and it is difficult for everyone to identify them. We are talking about the spices used in cooking, which you eat as clean, but the adulterated spices work to make your body hollow inside.

Avoid adulterated spices

Amidst all the adulterated things in the market, adulterated spices are being sold indiscriminately. Consuming these adulterated spices regularly works to make your body sick from inside. If you consume these spices regularly, then these spices work to harm your body in many ways . In these adulterated spices, many things like brick powder to cement, papaya seeds and lime are mixed, which can be very harmful for you. Let’s know the unique way to identify the real spices.


Cumin is one such food, which helps in reducing the weight from enhancing the taste of the vegetable. To identify the fake cumin, you rub a spoonful of cumin between your hands and rub it very fast. If the color of cumin starts coming out after rubbing, then understand that the cumin you are using is fake.


Turmeric is a spice rich in medicinal properties used in almost every vegetable. If you are consuming fake turmeric then it will not have any benefit on your body. If you want to know the difference between real and fake turmeric, take a glass of warm water and add turmeric powder to it. If turmeric is frozen in the bottom, then turmeric is real, but if turmeric starts floating on the water , then understand that the light is fake.


According to FSSAI, black pepper is a storehouse of many miraculous benefits, which are very easy to recognize. You put black pepper in a glass full of water. If black pepper settles at the bottom of the glass, then the black pepper is real, otherwise it is a papaya seed.

4-red chilies

Red chili is also a spice used in almost every household, which if not used can be harmful to your health. To identify the red chili kept in the house, fill a glass with water and add a pinch of red chili to it. If red chili dissolves in water and changes its color, then this chili is fake and is spoiling your health.

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