About Data Science Certification Course

About the Data Scientist course developed in collaboration with IBM. 

This Data Science Master program, in the partnership with IBM, accelerates your career in data science, provides you with world-class training and gives you the skills you need to succeed in this field. 

  The Data Scientist course provides extensive training in data science – the most demanding machine learning skills and the necessary tools – to familiarize yourself with the techniques of machine learning concepts including Python, R and Tablo.  Become a data science expert by mastering data interpretation, machine learning, and solid programming skills to take your data science career to the next level.

An educational approach that makes them an expert in data science.  This data science course, in partnership with IBM, will help students prepare for the best work of data scientists in the industry.

What can I expect from these data science courses developed in a collaboration with IBM?

After completing this Data Scientist course, you will be receive IBM certifications for the IBM course – Simple certifications for all courses.  These certifications will testify to your skills – validating your data science skills.  You can always  take primacy of the following benefits as part of your online data science course program


Master class by IBM experts

Ask me anything about the meeting with IBM management

Special Hackathon organized by IBM

Industry-Accredited MSc Data Scientist from Simplified

This year is considered one of the most popular businesses in the world.  U.S.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has seen unprecedented growth in data science, forecasting 11.5 million jobs in 2026, an increase of 28% per year.  Developed in collaboration with IBM, Simplilearn’s Data Science Certification Course will help you master key functional skills including statistics, hypothesis testing, data mining, clustering, decision trees, linear logistics regression, data modification, data review, suggestion engine and control promotion.  This.  Uncontrolled learning more.

This Data Scientist course offers a comprehensive course that combines live tutorials and online tutorials – self-help training videos developed in collaboration with IBM.  This Data Science degree course concludes with the Capstone Project, which is designed to enhance learning by creating industry-specific products that cover all the major aspects learned during the Data Scientist course.  The skills acquired in this Data Scientist course will help you prepare for the role of Data Scientist.

Which projects are covered in this Data Science course?

This Data Science degree program includes over 25 field-related projects from a variety of fields to help you master the concept of data science.  Here are some projects you are working on.

In this data science course, you will take an orientation course dedicated to creating high quality industrial projects by solving field related problems using the skills and techniques learned during the online data science course program.  The Capstone project will cover all major aspects of data mining, cleaning and visualization for creating and managing data models.  You get the choice of the domain / industry database you want to work on.

Upon successful project submission, you will be awarded a basic certificate in data science training, which can be presented to potential employers as proof of your training.

Course completion projects

1. AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) for self-paced and international courses

2 NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) for Engineering

3. UGC (University Grants Commission) for non-technical post-graduation education

4. CEC (Consortium for Educational Communication) for under-graduate education

5. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for school education

6. NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) for school education

7. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) for out-of-school students

8. IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) for management studies

9. NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research) for Teacher Training programme

Projects that mimic real business problems to help apply the concepts learned during a particular course.  These projects usually take 3-4 hours to complete

Create a display model based on Amazon users

The dataset provided includes movie reviews submitted by Amazon customers.  Analyze data from Amazon Customer’s movie review collection to create a machine learning suggestion algorithm that provides ratings for each user.

Comcast Telecom Consumer Complaints

Domain: Communications

Comcast is an American word reporting company.  The company provides excellent customer service.  Despite repeated promises of reform, they failed.  Use your existing customer complaints database as a repository to improve customer content.

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