Aadhaar Authentication History 2023

Aadhar Identification History 2022?  With the help of UIDAI’s Aadhar Aadhaar Authentication History feature, you can easily check who used your Aadhar card online.


You have to link your Aadhar Card with Bank Accounts, EPF, PAN, Life Insurance Mutual Fund.  Hence, Aadhar card is now a valid document.  Given this potential as well as the potential for abuse by anyone, UIDAI has launched an online inquiry to see who has accessed your Aadhaar card.  This service is called Aadhaar Authentication Register.

What is Aadhaar Authentication?

Aadhaar identification is a process by which an Aadhaar number, as well as the owner’s demographic or biometric information, is verified through Central Identity Data Collection (CIDR) at the request of a service provider such as a bank, insurance company, or investment fund.  ,  Company or telecom operator to verify identity.

Aadhaar authentication can be accomplished through a variety of means, including biometric-fingerprint IRIS, demographic, one-time registered cell phone password, or email ID.

Demographic Verification – Aadhaar Number Owner The demographic data received from the Aadhaar Number Owner matches the demographic information of the Aadhaar Number Owner in the CIDR.

One-time PIN based identification.  One-time identification number (OTP) is sent to the owner of the Aadhaar account registered or maintained by others on a limited time mobile phone number and/or an email address.  appropriate measures.  The owner of the Aadhar number will have to provide this OTP along with his Aadhar number at the time of identification, it will have to follow the OTP defined by the authority.

Biometric Data Identification – Aadhaar Number The biometric information provided by the Aadhaar number holder matches the biometric information of the Aadhaar number holder stored in the CIDR.  This can be fingerprint, iris or other biometric identification based on the biometric information stored in the CIDR.

Multifunction Identification – A combination of two or more of the modes listed above can be used for authentication

The requesting entity (such as banks, insurance companies, EPF or mutual fund companies) may select the appropriate identification method from the above defined modes for a particular service or business function as per their requirements, including:  Multiple identifying factors.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that e-KYC identification should be done through OTP / or Biometric identification only.

How to check online who has used your Aadhar card?

Now let’s look at the online verification process to see who can easily access your Aadhar card.

Step 1.– Visit the official UIDAI Aadhaar website (Aadhaar Online Services Window).

Check Your Aadhar Identification History Online While Using Your Aadhar Card


Step 2.- Now you have to enter your Aadhar card number as well as the security code shown.  Then click on “Create OTP” tab.


Step 3 – Here you have options to select the identification type (for example, demographic, biometric, one-time password, demographic, biometric, one-time password or demographic password) or you can select all types of identification  Huh.

You can also choose the date range.  However, the identification history should be observed for a maximum period of 6 months.

You can also specify the number of posts.  The maximum number of entries should be 50.

After selecting all these options, enter the One Time Password for your registered mobile number.


Step 4. Here you will get the complete history of Aadhaar identification.  It shows you the date, time type of identification application.  However, it does not show the company or agency that has used your Aadhaar data for authentication.


You can find out who has identified it by checking your email sent by UIDAI after each successful identification.  In this letter you will get the details like who validated your aadhar.  Like the letter below.  I noticed that the bank used Aadhaar for identification.  Successful Aadhaar eKYC


Hopefully, with this service, you can easily trace online or check who accessed your Aadhaar card by using the Aadhaar Authentication History feature.

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