9 places in the world where gravity doesn’t work

 9 places in the world where gravity doesn’t work

Scientists are of the opinion that everything on our earth obeys the law of gravity. Anything you throw upwards, it will automatically fall down due to gravity.

But imagine if it ever happens that if this thing starts happening in the opposite direction? Is this a miracle? or something else? But believe me, there are some places in the world where gravity is zero. Today in this article we will discuss such mysterious places.

1. Reverse Waterfall, India

There is a place called Kawalshet Point in the Konkan region of Maharashtra state, India, where you can magically see the stream of the waterfall moving from the bottom to the top. It is also called Nana Ghat in the local language. One has to trek to reach here. People believe that this is due to the absence of gravity. Although some scientists believe that this happens due to high air pressure.

2. Magnetic Hills, India

This place is about 30 km from Leh on the Leh-Kargil road of India. Its altitude is 14000 feet above sea level. You can enjoy the magic by parking your vehicle here. According to scientists, this place is near Gurdwara Plateau Sahib, due to which its effect is seen here. For this reason it was named Mystery Hill or Gravity Hill. The ships flying over it also increase their height. Many pilots have realized its power.

3. Reverse Waterfall, England

Exactly like the reverse waterfall of India, there is also a waterfall in England, which has been termed as magical. It is located near Hayfield in the Derbyshire Peak district of England. This is the place where the Kinder River flows down to a certain point and then starts flowing upwards due to strong gusts of wind which force the water to flow upwards.

4.Hoover Dam, America

The 221.4 m high Hoover Dam is one of the main tourist attractions in the eastern US. If you visit this place you can do some experiments. When you open a water bottle, you will be surprised to know that instead of going down, the water goes upwards. The same thing happens if you throw any light object as well. However, the scientist is of the opinion that the construction of this dam is such that the flow of air becomes very fast. The air flows upwards from the edges.

5. Mount Argatas, Turkey/Armenia

Located on the border of Turkey and Armenia, this place is a popular tourist destination. Thousands of people come here every year to feel the mysterious anti gravity. If you stop your vehicle’s engine and just park it here, it will go up in the air. The people to come have felt the same way. The river can also be seen flowing in the opposite direction at this place.

6. Santa Cruz, US

This place near Santa Cruz in California, USA, is only 150 in diameter. It was discovered in 1939 and since then it has become a favorite place of the people. People can find themselves climbing the slopes. 

7. Spook Hills, US

Spook Hill, located on the Lake Wells Ridge of Florida in the US, is a place where vehicles move without a driver. The exact opposite of gravity happens at this place. Here if you stop and park your car, it is automatically pulled in the opposite direction of the slope. This happens because of the absence of gravitational force here.

8. St. Ignace Mystery, America

It is believed that some surveyors were exploring the area in 1950. When they reached this place all their equipment stopped working. After some tests, when he discovered, this problem was only in the circle of 300 feet diameter. Since then this place has been very much discussed and people started coming to see it.

9. Oregon Bortex, US

Located on Sardine Creek in Gold Hill, Oregon, in the US, Oregon Bortex is the place where the impossible is normal and everyday physical facts are reversed. The local people of the area call this site the Forbidden Zone. In addition, travelers passing by often saw their horses refusing to cross the area.

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