5 Types Of Best Rakhi To Make This Raksha Bandhan!

5 Types Of Best Rakhi To Make This Raksha Bandhan!

The excitement that revolves around Indian festivals seems at the peak whenever people tend to gear up with its preparations. One such festival is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. On this day, the loving brother-sister bond is celebrated across different parts of India. Yes, it’s that time of the year when sisters tie a holy thread called Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers to strengthen their bond. And in return, brothers promise to take care of their sisters. It’s also the time when brothers tend to get loose on their pockets as sisters overwhelm them over rakhi with sweets and other such pampering.

As the Rakhi season approaches, the prices of some beautifully crafted rakhis seem to soar. But the question is – why purchase a rakhi when you can DIYa  one at home? Yes, you heard us, right! You can easily try your artistic hands on some DIYa ideas of rakhi making with waste material. We often underestimate our creativity but not anymore. Try these DIYa  rakhi ideas to give wings to your creativity by trying to make rakhi of waste material.

Rakhi DIVA Idea Number 1:

Let’s start with the simplest one!To make a colorful yet simple rakhi at home following this method , you will just be needing – embroidery floss, or woollen threads from your grandma’s knitting kit and a pair of scissors.

Cut 24-inch embroidery floss or woollen threads of three different colours.

Now, join these 3 threads by tying a knot at one end.

Hold the threads from the knotted side and from the other end, start rotating the threads. Simply rotating the threads, as if you are braiding your LiL girl’s hair.

Once done, tie a knot at the other end, as well.

Voila! Your rakhi is ready to be tied on the wrist of your brother.

Rakhi Diya Idea Number 2:

Now, this rakhi DIYa would require you to put minimal efforts to get some optimal results. Things you will need- matchsticks, cardboard, glue and a pair of scissors.

  • Start by taking cardboard and apply glue on it, such that it forms a cross pattern.
  • Paste 4 matchsticks such that it covers the cross made with glue.
  • Now, apply glue, one by one, between the sections made with 2 matchsticks.
  • Then place one matchstick each on this glue layering, in between the 2 matchsticks already glued.
  • Fill up all the in-between spaces with glue with matchsticks being closely placed with each other to make a beautiful pattern.
  • Once you are done filling up the in-between spaces, cut out the cardboard alongside the matchstick pattern with a pair of scissors.
  • Now take a ribbon or thread to place this creatively made rakhi chakra or dial on it.
  • And your rakhi is ready to melt your brother’s heart into tears. Also, you can modify the rakhi dial design as per your own creativity.

Rakhi DIYa Idea Number 3:

Now, let’s discuss how to make professional rakhi at home. Materials needed would be Silk Thread, Bangle, Satin Ribbon, Glue and some additional items like stars and other glittery items.

  • Take a silk thread and tie to the bangle. Then further start wrapping it up with it till the time it covers almost a quarter of the bangle.
  • Then tie it at the centre with a thick thread.
  • Then at the border of the bangle, cut all the loops of silk thread.
  • Flatten it from both sides, cautiously.
  • To make it look more symmetrical, take the help of a toothbrush.
  • You can trim the additional thread of the Rakhi, if not aligned properly.
  • Paste a ribbon or thread from the back of the Rakhi.
  • You can further decorate it, as per your own creativity with some decoration items.
  • Your professional rakhi is now ready to be tied to commemorate this piousness of this festival.

Rakhi DIYA Idea Number 4:

Now, these types of rakhis are an instant heart-winner. Simply, because of its uber-cool or quirkiness. Absolutely perfect to be used as a kids rakhi to tie it on the wrist of your younger brother. Materials Needed – Satin Ribbon, Red & Black Marker, Paper, Foam Tape, Glue and a pair of scissors.

  • Sketch out a cartoon character with a black marker on a paper.
  • Cut out the cartoon character alongside the border, once the detailing is done.
  • Now superimpose it over the foam tape and cut it out, accordingly.
  • Your rakhi dial is ready. Now, you just need to place it over a ribbon or satin thread to please your brother with all creativity.

Rakhi DIYA Idea Number 5:

A classic wool rakhi is what you need to celebrate this Rakhi over. Materials Needed – 2 different coloured wool threads, some beads & scissors.

  • Wrap one of the coloured wool threads around your palm for like 20 times.
  • Carefully, pull your hands out and tie it at the centre.
  • Cut the ends by using a scissor to make it seem like a bow.
  • Then press and spread the threads to form a flower pom-pom.
  • Affix a bead in the centre and further place your woollen rakhi dial over a ribbon or satin thread.

Rakhi DIYA Idea Number 6:

If you have a zardozi suit piece or a zari motif, then this Rakhi DIYa idea is sure to come handy. Materials Needed – zari motifs, lace or golden thread, glue and a pair of scissors.

  • Cut out the zari motif from your old piece of Indian attire.
  • Affix it to a golden thread or a beautiful lace. And you are good to go!

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