3 Fall Off Plane,Some Huddled On Aircraft Wing In Kabul Mayhem

 Several people shared a video of what looked like dots dripping from a plane.  Three people have been killed in a series of videos showing the hijacking of a US plane flying over Kabul and its brutal efforts in Afghanistan.  Avoid Taliban rule.

  Several people, including Tuareg Majidi of Tolo News, shared a video of Staphus resembling dots of a plane: “He lost his life because of the terrible conditions in Kabul.” 

In more videos from Kabul, a crowd swarms the airport runway, chasing a US Air Force plane, and a group is seen huddled on a wing of a plane taxiing before take-off.

   Tragic videos have been released in Afghanistan after the Taliban captured Kabul over the weekend and thousands tried to flee the city.

 At least five people were killed at the airport as people tried to board a plane from Darmak, the Afghan capital.  It is no yet know what he will be do after leaving office.

    Crowds, including women and children, gathered in front of Kabul airport last night after the Taliban entered Rashtrapati Bhavan and President Ashraf Ghani decided to leave the country.

  This morning many people were seen trying to measure the walls and pressure with barbed wire.

   The US military fired warning shells into the air to disperse the crowd. In the video, some of them are seen grabbing the wheels and wings of the aircraft.

    US forces control the airport as they try to lock down Afghan personnel and allies.  However, fearful residents of Kabul fled to the airport with unlicensed and visa-free baggage in hopes of catching any flight.

  United States flights off Afghan airspace in the downspill, which were already in the air, were to refuel in the Middle East.

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