Reliance JIO,Vodafone,Idea & Airtel Launched New Plans For Prepaid Users

 The Internet has become a necessity for all of us today.  Nowadays, the Internet is rarely used, data is sometimes used on our mobile phones and (Wi-Fi).  There are many people who install Wi-Fi in their homes.  It can be easily obtained online. 

   Connect to such a Wi-Fi network without giving anyone a password

     Sometimes our relatives want to use the Wi-Fi network or nearby for a reasonable fee.  We have to provide the password over Wi-Fi.  It is not a good thing to give such a password to someone, because sometimes our information is misused.  So the easiest way to avoid this problem is that you do not need to give your password when connected to someone’s Wi-Fi network.  Fi network

     These days we transfer money and have QR codes at petrol pumps.  Today, you can share your password with a QR code, and no one can use your password and easily connect to your Wi-Fi network.

     You must first share a QR code.  Very simple operation.  Both Android and iOS users can easily create this.  Most importantly, there are many websites that convert your Wi-Fi username and password into a QR code.  You can visit and the most popular  Go to one of the two sites.

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