Solar rooftop Yojana Agency List In gujarat – Pdf Download

 List of Gujarat Solar Roofing Planning Agency – Download PDF: While acknowledging the big government in India, the National Solar Energy Mission aims to generate 100,000 MW of electricity from solar energy by contributing 40,000 MW to the country.  Through the roof of the sun in different regions.  Latest News, Job Updates, Technical Recommendations and General Information Updates, Contact Us ar Verniz Please share this article with your colleagues.   

    To achieve this, Gujarat will have 8,024 MW of solar energy by 2021-22, of which 3,200 MW will be provided through rooftops.

     Building large-roofed solar power plants is the best initiative, as these plants do not require space.  Energy is the source of energy wherever they are consumed;  There will be no reduction in transmission or steering, this type of plant will cater to the public interest as well as government agencies.  Therefore, the government has launched a subsidy scheme for solar roofs in the residential sector to launch large-scale rooftop solar systems on the roofs of private homes.

     This scheme will be called “Surya-Gujarat” (Surya Energy Raja Chhat Yojana-Gujarat) with the following provisions:

     Goal: The goal of installing solar roofs is to serve 20 million customers in 2019-20 and a total of 8 million customers by the end of the 2020-22 financial year.

     The system cost shown in the table above includes supply, installation, commissioning, 5 year overall operating contract for the complete solar system, two-way counter, test cost, SMC meter bx and connection cost.  Discum and standard structure is required for roof solar PV panels with a minimum surface clearance between the roof surface and the bottom edge of the panel.  The cost of the additional height of the required structure, if any, will be paid by the beneficiary.

     Any other phase paid to DISCOM will be reimbursed by the beneficiary in addition to the three phases required to modernize the existing power distribution network, as the phase change is not included in the installed costs.  In the table above.

     If an applicant is subscribed to a single-phase disc and wants to install a solar roof system that needs to change the current service connection phase to three phases, the estimated cost will increase.  Stage stage will be part of strengthening the system by the consumer and will not be included in the cost per kWh.

     Highlights of Residential Roof Solar Project Scheme – 2018-19

     The scheme will be in force till March 31, 2019.

     Residential customers in which DISCOM has a residential facility,

     You have the right to install Roof Solar PV System from any supplier you choose

     Remove it from the GEDA Certified Vendors list.  A list of these vendors is available

     The GEDA website is

     Beneficiaries will register their applications through any registered GEDA

     Only the sellers agreed.

     The minimum power for the solar system should be 1 kW.

     The beneficiary is 100 square feet.  Energy radiation per kilowatt area without sun shadow

     Roof arrangement.

     Below is the research value of different types of solar PV systems;

     The Most Guest Feature of Rooftop Solar Projects Scheme – 2018-19

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