Shivrajpur Beach-Iconic Hidden Beach Of Gujarat

 Gujarat has the longest coastline in India.  There are so many beaches in Gujarat that the beauty of any mom can be compared to the beaches of Goa.  However, many of these beaches in Gujarat are unfamiliar, and people do not visit them there.  Such is the beach.  Shivrajpur Beach is located near Durka. 

In The begitu of thus beach bhich is bolt 12 kilometers for away front bumper Dwarka is so amazing time that hoy will know that this beach is not in Gujarat, it is in Thailand.  Where it the search 8 water is as transparent as glass. 

  There are no inhabitants in the distance, the beach is not very crowded.  The beauty of Shiv Rajput beach is so great that once you come here you will never forget this beach for these rest of yours life.  This beach is very popular among tourists.  The last ten years.  Now even water sportschool lovers come to this beach especially well.  

 Diving started on Shivrajpur beach near Dwarka-Oka highway.  Some tour operators also offer special packages for this.  If you are an adventure lover, you have to understand that Shivrajpur beach is just for you.  Here you can relax away from the crowds.  

 Reaching Shivrajpur beach is not difficult.  If you are going to Dwarka, you can get there from here. 

  In addition, there are many hotels in Mandir Town Dwarka, of which Shivrajpur is approximately 12 km away, so there is no doubt about staying.  

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 There is a lighthouse on the beach.  Also, don’t forget to see the lighthouse during your visit here.  Here you will feel more relaxed during the summer, but it will be interesting to enjoy if you go into another season.  Fun exercise on the soft sand of the beach.

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