Co-Win Vaccinator App

Co-Vin – A vaccine addition for the Government of the India that deliver the COVID-19 vaccine.

This mobile application is now plan for the CoWIN-level users to perform the following functions, such as vaccination, button and gauges. 

Corona Vaccine Joint Application, Corona Vaccine booking , Corona Vaccine booking 2022 for the Children, Corona Vaccine Self booking.

 receiver booking Beneficiaries can register in the application on the basis of primacy set by the Government of the India.

Beneficiary check.  materials beneficiary data can be acquire through coded eggs which can be used to the cinch that the correct beneficiary is inject .  This applies to both booking and injection.

  Aadhaar Identification.  To confirm the clone , the beneficiary Aadhaar ID OTP can be applied in the form of the statistics Identity.  This is applicable at the time of the booking or evidence.

Vaccine status.  Depending on the dosing schedule, the prevention status of the vaccine recipient may be updated before the end of the vaccine – partial vaccine , partial immunization.Report adverse events following vaccination.

AEFI – inimical events following vaccination can be arrive from the application.

Step to How booking for Corona Vaccine / Step to Cowin booking for the Vaccine

  • First you have to go ->
  • submit Your phone Number and Click on “Get OTP”.
  • Now OTP will come to your mobile number, which will have to be submitted in 180 Second.
  • A New page will be open as soon as you submit the OTP, in which you have to fill in your details.
  • In extra to Aadhaar Card for Driving ID, Driving Licence, PAN Card, Passport, Pension Passbook, NPR smart card or Water ID will be always be valid.
  • Choose one of these choice and given your ID Number.
  •  you have to the start your Name, Gender, Date of Birth.
  • You will be then have the choice to Select the near Covid Vaccination Center.
  • After Selecting the Center you can choose the useful time slot for taking the Vaccine.

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