RBI dispatches Mani application to challenge money

RBI backed Portable Notes ID for the Mahatma Gandhi (new) Bank Notes for the Visual word has been insert in 2016 with changes in size and work.

  In November.  Under this new system, Rs.  10, Rs.  20 and Rs.  Banknotes worth Rs. 20 were introduced.  Since in Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs.2000.  

The Reserve Bank of the India has worked hard to help the strain faced by the visitor in the running their day-to-day company with Indian notes.  This app will be help the weak to get conversant with the face value of the banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi series by taking photographs of banknotes in front of protean camera.  The app will be provide an audio-audible alert showing the client ‘s bill.

Disclaim – This mobile application is available from the Reserve Bank of India at any cost to guide outsiders to differentiate the values ​​of Indian Banknotes.

વિડિયો જુઓ
Credit linkThe RBI or any of its experts, bodies, officers, employees or advisers make no portrayal , portrayal or advice regarding the accuracy or accuracy of the results set forth in the Agreement, which may vary due to bigotry in incident , including: but not limited to, but light and dusty notes  Conditions and contrast are close.Customers may be careful to complete a review of the appendix by examining the department through a variety of evidence methods that can be identified by supervision.The Reserve Bank of India is not responsible for any action that may be taken counter the Reserve Bank of the India in respect of any effect which may be taken on the basis of the results demand  by the customer.  By downloading, accessing or using this application, you agree that you accept this disclaimer.Click Here To Download

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