Vrudh Sahay Yojana All Details

 Thumb impressions will now come instead of submitting papers to help the elderly and widows.  Thumb impression machines will be installed at every Mamlatdar office in different districts of the states.  Beneficiaries have to come to Mamlatdar’s office once a year.  

 In order to get old age assistance and widow assistance, the beneficiaries have to submit the proof of survival in old age assistance and proof of non-remarriage in widow assistance in person to the Mamlatdar’s office every year.

 Beneficiaries have to go to the Mamlatdar’s office once a year and give a thumb impression.  Ahmedabad District Additional Collector Harshad Vora said that thumb impressions would relieve the beneficiaries from submitting papers.

 Separate arrangements for the disabled

 If the beneficiary receiving old age assistance and widow assistance is unable to move, separate arrangements will be made for him / her on the basis of medical certificate.

Dharampur’s Jai Adivasi Mahasangh Gujarat, Mamlatdar R.K.  The application form was sent to Malvish. In the application form, the beneficiaries have not received the amount received in the old age assistance scheme from 2015 and 2016 in Ukta, Titukhadak, Dhamni, Pendha, Pirmal, Moti Koraval, Wanzalat, Dandwal, Bhanwal, Tamchhadi and many other villages of Dharampur.  In Ukta village, in October 2015, despite the order of assistance through Form No. 4, they have not yet received the amount of old age assistance.

The benefit of old age assistance was previously available at the area post office.  But the scheme has not been disbursed after opening bank accounts from the post office to get old age assistance and most of the banks are located in Dharampur city.  And the elderly cannot come to Dharampur to take advantage of this scheme.  The lives of the elderly are in danger as they have not received this money for a long time to buy food grains and make a living.  So the money of this scheme which has been stopped immediately has been demanded to be deposited in the bank or JET place account.

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Vrudh sahay yojana All Details : Click here

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