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To continue its relentless efforts to build active democratic citizenship in the country, the Indian Election Commission has developed a mobile application to develop an electoral culture in the field of AVD and to make informed and ethical voting decisions among the citizens of the country.  New initiative.  The purpose of this application is to provide a one-stop service and information for voters across the country.  The application provides the following opportunities for Indian voters:

A.Election-oriented search (check your name on the voter list)

B. Introduce a new electronic form

Voter registration, transfer of foreign voters to the voter list, determination of the boundaries of a separate constituency, or objections and changes to restrictions and changes within the Legislative Council.

C- Registration of complaints related to election services and compliance with the decision

D.  Frequently Asked Questions About Voters, Elections, Electronic Voting Devices and Results

E. for voters and election officials.  Services and resources

F: Find a polling schedule in your area

G: Find all the candidates, their profile, income statement, assets, criminal case

H: Find election officials and contact them: BLO, ERO, DEO, CEO


Download details from hare


I.after voting, tap the selfie and get a chance to show it in the official Pickup Helpline application gallery.

J. Download the list of competing candidates in PDF format and take serious measures.


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