Morbi’s Bachubapa who has been feeding the hungry for 40 years

 Food Donation is a Great Donation You may have heard this saying in the minds of many people.  But if you want it to be meaningful, you have to go to Bachu Kaka Ka Dhaba in Morbi.  Where 72-year-old Bachukaka feeds the hungry for 40 years.  It is compulsory to go to the land whether there is money or not on this hill of Morbi.

Bachubapa Patel, 72, who dreamed of starting a restaurant in his youth, has been running the service for 40 years on the sidewalk of Morbi.  In Bachubapa Ka Dhaba, even in the midst of such high prices, a total plate of food is provided for only 20 rupees.  If it is 20 rupees after a meal, even if it is not, it will be 10 and even if it is not money.  That is what 72-year-old Bachubapa is saying.

What could be a greater work of virtue than the burning of one’s stomach?  Living with such an idea, Bachubapa himself lives a life like a fakir.  From 10.30 am to 4 pm, this meal is served in Morbi.  Bachubapa feeds more than 70 people daily by cooking vegetables and groceries by himself.  If someone goes here by giving money, he goes to land without any money.

A native of Morbi’s original Rangpar village and settled in Morbi for the last several years and especially living in a small hut built on the wall of Surajbagh on Station Road in the city, 72-year-old Bachu Bapa has been living in a small cabin and table in the name of Bachu Bapa’s dhaba for many years..

 For only Rs. 40, the hungry get a full meal. However, the price for the meal is only Rs. 40. But even if someone pays less than that, i.e. Rs.  Even if poor Narayan does not give that amount, he lovingly gives him a healthy meal.  There is no intention for him to earn money behind this dhaba.


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Patel Bachu Bapa  

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Add:Suraj Baag Pase, Railway Station Road, Morbi. Union Bank( Morbi) 

બચુબાપાના સેવાયજ્ઞની એક જલક આ વિડીયો દ્વારા

People who eat here say that even after a meal in a five star hotel, there is no belching of satisfaction in the food made by Bachubapa. People go to eat and Bachukaka goes to eat hot breads. He also had a wife with Bachubapa till last year. Who made cooking with their hands freezing people but the curvature of the ritual that they no longer lived in this world. Living a lonely life, Bachukaka cries while talking about his wife, Kaka considers him his Annapurna.

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