How to speak in a girl’s voice (voice call)

If you want to joke with a friend by the speaking in a girl’s voice as a boy, today I have come up with an catch trick for you in which you can speak in a girl’s voice ? 

 I’m going to let you know online for free.  Tell us “How to speak in a girl’s voice?” 

Using this method, you can talk to any number in a girl’s voice on a live call.  You can do this trick to make fun of someone or you can surprise someone.  So let’s find out “How to speak in a girl’s voice?”  How to change your voice during a call. 

How to speak in a girl’s voice?  Absolutely free online!

If you have both a smartphone and the internet, you can start talking online in a girl’s voice right now by downloading this third party app for free by following the steps below.

Step-1: Come to the Play Store first.  And type magic call in the search bar.

Step-4: Now successfully install this app by clicking on the install button in front of the app that appears on the screen.

Step-3: Now tick the Terms and Conditions box here and click on Continue button.

Step-4: Now type your mobile number here.

Step-3: And click on the OTP button, an OTP will come to your mobile number and proceed by the entering that OTP.

Step-3: Now you will see the congratulatory message on the screen.  And on the screen you will see many options!  If you are a girl you can speak in a boy’s voice from here whereas if you are a man you can easily speak in a female voice.

How to talk in girl’s voice in Magic Call app?

Step-1: To call a friend in a girl’s voice, you choose the female option.

Step-4: Now to make a call from here, select the Call button. 

Step-3: Now select the person you want to talk to from your contact list.

Step-4: After doing this, the call will start and the phone will start ringing in the other person’s mobile.

Step-3: As soon as the person picks up the phone and you say anything, the person hears the girl’s voice.

Step-4: This way you can have fun with someone else.  But keep in mind, you get limited opportunity for calling in this app.

Step-4: If you want to have unlimited calling sex for free, in the voice of a girl!  So you will need credit for this and you can use the following methods to get credit.

Talk in a girl’s voice with Just For Laugh Voice App!

Friends, the name of the second application in this list is just for laughs, which has been downloaded by over one lakh users so far and has got a good rating of 4.4 stars on Play Store.  So you too can trust this app, let’s see how you can use this app

Step-1: First of all install Just for Laugh Voice app in your mobile from the following link.

Step-4: Now after successfully installing the application, open it.

Step-3: Now you will be see some permissions on the screen.  Which you have to allow and then enter your mobile number and click on verify button.

Step-3: Now enter the received code in your mobile and click on verify button.

Step-4: Now some new deport  will come in front of you on mobile, from here you can talk in the voice of any boy or girl.

Step-4: If you want to talk to someone on a call in a girl’s voice, click on the call button below the photos of the girl.

Step-3: Now your contact list will be start appearing on the screen.  Or you can dial the number you want to talk to in a girl’s voice.

Step-4: Now the person in front will pick up your call or call will start promptly in a few seconds. 

Step-3: And if you say hello, why are you, your voice will be like a girl’s.

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Conclusion: – This way you can always use this app for calling and you can use this app for free.  Apart from this, you are given a recharge option from where you can recharge any plan and make more calling through this app to talk in voice with girls.

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