How To Get Driving Licence In Gujarat

 How to get Gujarat Driver’s License:

     To drive a car legally in Gujarat, a person must have a valid driver’s license.  A driving license can be obtained by a person who has obtained a study certificate.   

Educational licenses are issued in Gujarat by Gujarat RTO as per the provisions of the Automobile Act, 1988.  The education license issued in Gujarat is valid for months and the permanent driver can apply within 100 days or 180 days from the date of issuance of the study license.  Anyone can get Gujarat Education License by following the procedure below.

     Types of licenses in Gujarat:

     Gujarat RTO issues educational license to a person on the basis of the class he wants to drive.  Below are the types of study licenses given to a person in Gujarat

     Light Vehicle License:

     Jeeps, auto tow rickshaws, delivery minibuses, etc.

     Medium Passenger Vehicle License: This type of LL covers vehicles used to carry passengers, such as temporary buses and minibuses.

     Medium Truck License:

     This type of LL includes vehicles such as the Tempo, a delivery van used to transport goods.

     Heavy passenger vehicle license:

     This type of LL includes vehicles such as large buses and minibuses used to carry passengers.

     Heavy Truck License:

     This LL includes vehicles such as large trucks and minibuses used for transporting goods.

     Gearless Motorcycle License:

     This type of LL covers vehicles such as scooters and gearless scooters.

     Light Vehicle Education License:

     This type of LL includes gear cars, bikes, etc.  Such tools are included.

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     Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Gujarat Education License:

     To obtain a training license for a single-engine vehicle, the engine capacity must not exceed 50 cc, be over 16 years of age, and must not obtain parental or guardian consent.

     To become an educational light vehicle driver, a person must be over 18 years of age.

     A person over the age of 20 must be a student to obtain a professional vehicle training license.

     The person applying for a training license must respond to the rules and regulations of the road.

     Documents required for obtaining student license in Gujarat:

     The following documents must be submitted to the Gujarat RTO to obtain a Provincial Education License.

     Utilities, PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, school certificates, birth certificates, etc.  Certificates such as age and address.

     Application Form 2

     Application fee is Rs.  30

     Rs.  Learn Of0 License Exam Fee  25

     Application Form 2

     Passport size photo

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