GSEB Std 10 & 12 Repeater Exam Date 2021

 Classroom is an online test builder application that allows you to create, broadcast and share tests.  Creating a test has never been easier.  All you have to do is pick, cut, edit and download the paper. 

   The test can easily be used by teachers, instructors, non-profit companies, and other professionals who need an easy way to create quizzes, quizzes, and quizzes online.  You can create and publish your first test in minutes.

     If you have the jpg / png format, drag and drop the profile, you can manually create additional pictures for your specific questions.   A simple test allows you to add and edit and scan additional text for better viewing.  The test can be created offline until it is ready for deployment.

     The test format is easy to understand when traveling and add your own questions to the paper set section.

     You are allowed to add as many papers as you need for a particular exam.

     Once you have created the test, you can publish it, and the server will test you directly in the database to access the sheet anytime and anywhere.

     To enter the paper and pass the exam, you need a quiz document, which will be created only after the placement, and you will have to share your test document with the test candidates.

     Paper is very easy to distribute and receive.  Now, if you do not need to access the page by clicking a special button called “run”, you can specify the tests.  You can share live tests for students to enter as instructors.  Anyone with an ID card can apply on paper, as they are already registered as Test Easy students.

     State exams can be shared with others.  You can share the state exam with others only while you are alive.

     If you are a teacher, sharing exams is an alternative way of giving homework to your students.

     Test documents are stored locally on your phone and will be a list of your latest creations.  A simple test allows you to navigate all your creativity easily, and it allows you

     Make adjustments and rearrange any of them with or without changes.  If you find that a build is not used and you lose some memory, you can also delete it.

     A simple exam can check students’ marks with a single click, review the answer key, and quickly share the score card.  Checking papers is never easy.

     After the student completes the exam, you will be updated with a list of your scoring activities as a teacher, review the assessment report and see which questions are incorrect.

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