What do you eat curd or buttermilk to stay healthy? know who is better

 What do you eat curd or buttermilk to stay healthy? know who is better

Difference Between Curd and Buttermilk – Curd Vs Buttermilk

Both curd and buttermilk have been an essential part of our diet. However, both of them are beneficial in different problems. While both are probiotics, they can work effectively in different stomach problems. But the question is why after all these two can be beneficial in some different situations, then harmful in some situations. Let us know the difference between curd and buttermilk and when, what is more beneficial.

1. Yogurt cold or hot

Where the effect of curd is hot, the effect of buttermilk is cold. Only then can these two work in different situations. For example, curd can be eaten in any disease, but you cannot eat buttermilk in those diseases in which the coolness should not increase. Such as in the problem of cough and phlegm. But, if there is a problem of burning in your feet and hands, then you can drink buttermilk.

2. Buttermilk is easily digested then curd is hardly

Buttermilk is easily digested while curd is difficult. Actually, it is easily digested by drinking buttermilk, then curd is not easily digested. If curd is thick, buttermilk is light. In this way, both of them are beneficial for the stomach in different ways. So, if your digestive system is weak then you take buttermilk and if you are strong then take curd.

3. Curd increases weight and buttermilk reduces

Curd intake is beneficial for people who gain weight, while buttermilk is good for those who lose weight. Buttermilk accelerates metabolism and helps in burning calories. So, yogurt is beneficial for the stomach and detox the body. In this way it is effective in weight loss.

What Is Better – What Is Better Dahi Or Chach?

Both curd and buttermilk are beneficial for health. Both curd and buttermilk work in different ways. While curd can be eaten for breakfast, you can have buttermilk at any time. Like even at night. It can be easily digested. On the other hand, if you take curd at night, it can imbalance your pitta.

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