Vahali Dikri Yojna 2019 online Application Form full details

 For the implementation of the parental scheme, the Commissioner received a proposal from the Department of Women and Child Development on 31.07.2019 13/2019/1181 from the Bureau of Women and Child Development.  Improving the date of birth of girls in Gujarat and increasing their education.  

     If more efforts are made to do both, the provincial government has included the 2019 budget in the state budget.  A campaign has been launched in the province to increase the birth rate of girls and improve their education.  To achieve this goal, intellectuals are abandoned by the state government through lower level women’s education to enhance the reputation of sociologists.

The aim of the Government of : Gujarat vahali dikri yojna 

Increasing the birthrate of daughters
Reduce the out-of-proportion ratio in girls’ education
Empowering women in the society
Prevent Childhood

     Adaptation to the student parenting system

     Girls born on or after 8.02.2019 benefit from this system …

     The couple will have a maximum of two daughters and will benefit from the scheme

     The couple will benefit from their first and second daughter, but the couple will have to operate on the mother’s child after the second marriage …

     If you have a first and second daughter, the second daughter can help, but after the second daughter, the couple …

     In all cases where the first and second spouses are given together or more, the parents get the benefit of the daughter’s plan, but only after the daughter …

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     Appropriate benefits under guardian scheme

     Wally Decker Plan 2019

     1- First installment

     # Girls will earn Rs 4,000 when they get admission in first standard

     2- Second installment

     # Assistance of 6,000 with admission in the ninth semester

     3- Last installment

     # At the age of 18, Lupia has a nickname for education, but her daughter is getting married …

     Guardianship Dictionary of Financial Security 

     The plan will need to open a new main budget, and the mother-daughter plan will provide four percent of the total advertising for the system until a new element is opened.

     2235 – Social Security and Welfare

     02 – Social care

     03 – Caring for women

     04 – Financial assistance for rehabilitation of needy widows  

     Provides publication

     Up to four per cent of the total annual fund of the scheme can be spent in publishing the Valley Decree under the scheme.

માહિતી માટે વિડિઓ જોવો અહીં ક્લિક કરી

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     The CDPO must send 15 women and children officers to drink the opinion and ladder, and the woman and child officer must approve the request within fifteen days as per the rules.

     Applicants must submit the following supporting documents with plan approval:

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