This person sank into the ground while walking – you will be shocked to see the video

 Viral: In this world of internet, many videos are often viral on social media.  Some of these videos are such that our breath stops for two hours while watching the video.  

 Our eyes are wide open as we watch this kind of dangerous video.  One such video is currently going viral on social media.  Seeing which, even your hair will be sitting.

 We see a lot of funny videos on social media.  Social media users also like funny videos the most.  Today we bring you a wonderful funny video.  Watching this video will make your stomach swell with laughter.  Your laughter will not stop after watching the video. 

જુઓ વિડિઓ

 The man trying to cross the ditch:

 The viral video shows a man crossing a canal.  In the meanwhile something happens that goes straight inside.  You will keep smiling when you see the incident inside the person’s duct in the video.  The way a guy takes off his sandals to cross the gutter and then jumps off is really funny.

 Friends we have brought you here for this news comedy and below it is also given a credit link and keep sharing more and more.

 ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 The person went straight into the ditch:

 In the video you can see a young man approaching the ditch.  Reaching the ditch, he realizes that wearing slippers, he will slip into the mud.  So he first takes off his sandals and picks them up.  After this the person jumps quickly to cross the ditch.  However, as soon as he jumped, he sank straight into the gutter.

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