These Rules Changed From November 1 Which Will Directly Affect The Public

 From November 1, the country will have to change a number of rules related to LPG booking and delivery as well as banking.  From now on the one hand, the method of home delivery of LPG gas cylinders will be changed and on the other hand, the timetable of railway trains is being changed.

 In addition, some banking rules are changing.  It will be implemented in Bank of Baroda from November 1, while Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Axis and Central Bank will take a decision soon.

 The free deposit and withdrawal service in banks is now coming to an end.Bank of Baroda has taken the first step in this direction.Customers will have to pay a charge for depositing and withdrawing their rupee at Bank of Baroda from November 1. Charges will  now be levied on more than three deposits and withdrawals in one’s own account in a month.

 Savings account holders are free to deposit Rs.Three times in a month.If you go to the bank for the fourth time in a month to deposit Rs.A charge of Rs 40 has to be paid while three times withdrawal from the account is free  .For the fourth time, customers have to withdraw Rs A charge of Rs.

 Similarly, if the customer deposits Rs 1 lakh daily in cash credit, current account and overdraft account, the facility will be free.But for more than one lakh rupees, the customer has to pay a charge.

 Such account holders will have to pay a charge of Rs 1 per Rs 1,000 for depositing more than Rs 1 lakh.The minimum and maximum limits for it are Rs.50 and Rs.20 thousand.  No charge is levied on withdrawals from CC, Current and Overdraft accounts three times in a month.  But then you will have to pay a charge of Rs 150 for each withdrawal.

 In addition, as per RBI rules, from November 1, digital payments will be mandatory for traders with a turnover of over Rs 50 crore.  No charges or merchant discounts for digital payments from customers or merchants.  However, this rule will only apply to turnover above Rs 50 crore.

 The method of home delivery of LPG gas cylinders has been changing in the country since November 1.Now after booking the gas an OTP will be sent to the customers on the mobile number.This OTP number will have to be given to the vendor when he  arrives home for delivery.Only then the cylinder will be delivered to customers.In addition, new LPG prices are expected to be announced on November 1. There was no change in the price of LPG cylinders in October.However, commercial gas prices rose.

 Indian Railways is changing the timetable of trains across the country from November 1. Earlier, the timetable of trains was to be changed from October 1. However, the operation was postponed for a month.  Normal trains are currently closed during the Corona period and only special trains are running.

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