Start eating only 1 bowl of curd at this time, many diseases will stay away, you will get these tremendous benefits

 Start eating only 1 bowl of curd at this time, many diseases will stay away, you will get these tremendous benefits

Benefits of curd: Calcium, protein and vitamins are found in abundance in curd, which are very important for a healthy body. Lactose, iron and phosphorus are also found in it, which takes it in the category of super food. Yogurt is considered a good source of calcium. Calcium helps in making bones strong. Let us know in detail about the benefits of curd in this news.

According to diet expert Dr Ranjana Singh, curd also helps in keeping the body fresh. Especially people who have heart-related diseases, doctors recommend them to eat curd, generally curd is consumed to keep the digestion system right, but it has many other tremendous benefits.

Amazing benefits of eating curd – Amazing benefits of eating curd

1. Prevents Vaginal Infection

Health experts say that eating yogurt actually helps women restore the vaginal yeast balance, as yogurt contains lactobacillus bacteria, which are very effective in preventing vaginal infections. Therefore, if you are troubled by frequent vaginal infections, then start consuming curd from today itself, you will get relief.

2. Curd is helpful in weight loss

Yogurt is helpful in reducing your weight. It is considered one of the best foods for weight loss, as it prevents the increase of cortisol and steroid hormones in our body, which somewhere helps in controlling the increased risk of obesity.

3. Yogurt Boosts Immunity

Diet expert Dr. Ranjana Singh says that curd is a great probiotic food, which is considered excellent for our intestines. Yogurt has the power to fight the germs that cause diseases because it has some active properties, which work to kill germs as well as keep immunity healthy.

4. Strengthens Teeth and Bones

Yogurt is not only rich in calcium, but it is also rich in phosphorus, so both these nutrients are very beneficial for our bones as well as teeth. Not only this, curd also helps in preventing arthritis.

5. Healthy for the Heart

Yogurt prevents the formation of cholesterol and this is the reason why you stay away from conditions like high blood pressure blood pressure. The risk of high cholesterol level and high blood pressure can be reduced by including it regularly in the diet. So your heart health is better.

Do not eat curd at night

Yogurt has a cooling effect. Therefore, eating curd at night can lead to mucus, obesity, skin related problems, so you should avoid eating curd at night.

What is the right time to eat curd?

Curd should always be eaten with breakfast and dinner. By eating curd during the day, the digestive system of the body remains fine.

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