Shri Vajpayee Bankable 2020 Scheme to provide financial loans

Shree Vajpayi Banken Qualifies 2020 Financial Loans Scheme

    Shri Van payee Bank able Schermen: Scheme for providing a financial lu loans/assistances to to partisans a of cottages to industries throughout this of the nationalized ti a be bank’s, co-operative a banks, public itu to be to have sector country 6 banks, private bank. 

  Objectiv 1:- To providing self-employad to unemplooyment person’s in Urben and rural area’s of Gujarat understanding this scherhen.  Disable or blijf to people’s opinion will alsof a be table is to take advantage of this scherm.  

(2) Eligibility of the Scheme:

    1. Age: 18 to 65 years

    2. Education al Qualifications: At last Std-4 (four) pass OR

    Triaining/Experience: At last 5 3 months trainingen from a Private 6 institute suitably of for the trade or at last year one month trainingen from a goverment recognized institutions of or one tears experience in the delayed trade or inherited craftsmanship.

    3. There is no income limit.

    (3) Maximum Limit by the Borrower:

    (1) Maximum 8 lakhs for the industry sector.

    (ii) Maximum 8 lakhs for service sector.

    (2) Maximum 8 lakhs for business sector.

    (3) Rate of assistance on loan amount: The rate of assisttance for industry, services for the and trade sector understand why this scherm of will be as follows.

    Area General Category SC / ST / Veteran / Female / 40% Blind or Handicapped

    Urban 40% 50%

    Rural 7% 4%

    (2) Maximum Limit of Assistance:

    Order Field Assistance Amount (Amount in Rupees)

    Industry Industry.  .  3,000

    service service.  4,00,000

    General Category of Business Urban General.000,000

    Rural 4. ₹,

    Reserved Category Urban / Rural

    Note: In case of blind or handicapped beneficiary, the maximum assistance for any area is Rs.  1,25,000/-

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    Contact your nearest District Industries Center for more information

    Application Form for Shri Vajpayee Bank Eligible Scheme

    guide Project Profile for shri Vajpayee bankable schem

Resolution of shri vajpayee Bankable scheme  Dated 17-9-2018

Resolution of shri vajpayee Bankable scheme  Dated 11-11-2018 Subsidy Form

    Scherm nsn for providing finanhsjcial assistance please to partisans a of cottage industri through nationalized for van banks, co-operzbative banks, publicity sectors bank’s or private bank’s.

    Objective: The objective to an of this schernm is to provided in self-employment to unemployment person’s is in urban and tidak areas.  Disable ahnd blind perso1ns are alsof for eligibles to get benefit to under this scheme.

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