Quick Heal Total Security

 Quick Heal Total Security

AV-TEST certified, Quick Heal Total Security provides strong stately for the web against hostile threats.  It block maliciously & pushing website, scams all app, projects children’s from the parents control featured, provides call filter, and featured advanced there. 

Thousands of the Android users now rely on Quick Heel for their device security and data security .  Become one of them and you can enjoy the following support. 

 This application uses the permission of the device director .

     Features and Benefits:

     ● Gee Anti-theft Technology from the Quick Heal prevents the use of your device if a device is lost or stolen.  This allows you to the lock your device or casually delete all data.

    ●Otion Motion Alarm: directly informs the user that the phone has been moved from its current position and warns of the chance of theft.

     ● Pocket Alarm: If someone tries to steal the phone from their pocket, it informs the user directly and provides security from pocket theft.

    ●Wi-Fi Security: Notifies you when your mobile device detects a grave Wi-Fi network.

   ● Downloading before scanning: Google Play naturally scans the app before downloading it from the store.  It always lets you know if the app is safe to the install.

     ● Quick Scan: Run a Quick Scan on your device on demand to detect and block fake storing , key records and applications.

    ● Background Check: Make sure any log in app is safe.  The antivirus engine scans the entire device for malware and adware at the same time.

   ● Safe Pay : Online shopping, banking, payment receipts, other.  Saves your financial deal while using a payment application.

   ● L Application L: A: Keep your sensitive content safe and confidential by entering any application with PIN code or identify .

    ●Ntal Parental Control: Adults, Violence, Drugs etc.  Blocking websites and custom sites based on listing  like.

     ● Call filter: block unpopular numbers or unasked calls from all fields.  worldwide calls can be always  limited.

    ●St. Boost: Accelerate device performance, improve battery life, and kill useless or running applications.

   ●  Network Monitor Monitor: director data usage and sets alerts and restrictions for it.

    ●OTE Remote Device Management: Helps you casually lock, wipe, and search your lost or stolen device.

    ●Message Message Center: The center displays all details notifications and alerts in the one place.

    ●Privacy Advisor: helps you review the apps installed on your phone and the permissions that strike your privacy.

    ●Security Advisor: identify which settings can increase the overall security of your smartphone.

    ●Security Shield: Shows the security level of your device and data through a tabular display .

    ●They regularly perform automatic virus updates: they update robotic  virus definitions.

    ●Intruder detection: It takes screenshots of the someone trying to unlock your device with the wrong PIN.


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