‘Pushpa’ procession started, even those who saw this dance on the road were amazed – watch the video

 Dance Ka Video: In this video you can see how many boys are covert to Pushpa’s song on the road before the train .  

Dance Ka Video: These days the movie Pushpa has a unrest on social media.  Is a common man and makes reels on the songs and gossip of the film.  The dance steps of Allu Arjun are also being renea lot on the song Srivalli from the movie Pushpa.

A video has been viral on social media, in which public standing on the road, who were seen dancing Srivalli on Barati Road, just stared at them.  The video shows the boys dancing in a way that will not stop you from the guffaw.

The boys dance in amazement

 The video, which has gone viral on a social media, shows several boys dancing Srivalli on the road during the procession.  Some are foundling walking in the video while some are dancing adversely.  Srivalli song is always playing in the background of the video.  Social media users are always  amazed to see this type of the dance and are giving distinct response .

In the age of the social media, things go fervid.  Some funny scenes are trending.  Pushpa  moment on social media these days.  There are many such moments in stylist star  Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa which are going viral.  Then whether it is to move the hand on the imperial or to walk impotently.

વિડિઓ જુઓ:

The way the Batista are dancing in this video, the dance is not normally seen.  This video has been posted on the  Instagram account called Ghanaian.  Also in the caption it says, ‘What happened.’  The video is going so viral on social media that it has received millions of views and likes in just a few days.

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