Overnight weight gain: These 5 reasons can be behind overnight weight gain

 Overnight weight gain: These 5 reasons can be behind overnight weight gain

Sudden Weight Gain – What Causes Sudden Weight Gain Overnight

There can be many reasons behind weight gain. But, if your weight starts increasing overnight, then it is a matter to pay attention to. Actually, there can be many reasons behind weight gain overnight. But the thing to note in this is that it indicates some wrong changes in the body. For example, there is a disturbance related to your diet, sleep patterns or perhaps the digestive system. How do you know?

High sodium intake due to excessive salt intake

Excessive intake of salt or sodium can lead to weight gain overnight. Actually, sodium causes swelling in your nerves and body parts and works to gain weight. This is because the body needs to balance its sodium and water ratio in order to function properly, so avoid consuming too much salt.

Causes of Water Retention – Water Retension

Your weight can also increase due to water retention i.e. accumulation of water in the body. You should try to avoid this situation as it can also be the cause of illness. For example, if you have any kidney related problem then there may be water retention in your body. So, if this is happening to you again and again, then get your KFT test done.

Weight Gain After Workout

You often gain weight after a workout. Many people feel that as soon as you start exercising, their weight starts increasing rapidly. If so then it is completely normal. Your body is recovering from the stress on your muscles. There’s no need to panic. It will correct itself.

Constipation or Bloating – Constipation And Bloating

Due to the problem of constipation and bloating, your body often becomes heavy and weight increases. Actually, this happens due to the lack of proper detox from the body, due to which the amount of toxin remains in the body. It increases the weight of the whole body including swelling in the veins. So, remedy the constipation or bloating and avoid it.

Causes of stress – Stress

Stress causes inflammation in your body and can cause many problems. One of which is weight gain. Prolonged stress can increase cortisol and this hormone will act in conjunction with water, causing water retention and weight gain.

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