My Name 3d Wallpaper Paper

 Step 3 3D Live Wallpaper is a free personalization application that you can use as a live wallpaper at home and on the screen and compatible with any device or mobile phone.  All this allows you to choose different fonts to show your name primarily, giving a beautiful and stunning effect on the screen.  

 You can use your name, important notes, reminders or whatever message you want to display on your screen.  All this is free and with very little battery usage.

Instructions for use:

     Display the name or title by clicking on the main screen in the Preferences menu (using the pencil icon above) or by selecting “To display modified text”.

     – Select the font you want by selecting “Font” in the Preferences menu.

     Change the font color quickly and easily by double-clicking on the main screen and options menu.

     – You can select input and wallpapers from the selection screen or display them on the home screen as well as the home screen and home screen.

     You can further customize the app via the Preferences menu:

     Screen You can save screen content to video content and add audio or voice message.  You can share videos with anyone using an app like WhatsApp.

    Edit your name, text or message to display the name.

    Change font (from fonts on your phone)

     Resize font

    Choose a font color

    3D effect speed change

    Replace Figure 3d

    Shapes come back and allow to move freely on the screen

    Select live and wallpapers background.

     All the font use of in the applications comes form is the user’s smartphones.  There are no lines in the application.


Download 3D wallpapers maker

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