INS Vikramaditya- The latest and largest ship of the indian navy

 INS Vikramaditya is the newest and largest ship to join the Indian Navy on 16 November 2013.  Russian Defense Minister Mr. A.  Anthony launched the ship on 16 November.  INS Vikramaditya Stober Carrier.

INS Vikramaditya

      Transport: 44,500 tons

      Organic farming length: 284 sq.m.

      Maximum radius: 60 square meters

      Speed: more

      30 kts

      Equipped with 04 fans

      04 Boilers, Aircraft Components: MiG-29K, KV MOVE-31, KAMOV-26, SEARCH, ALH, SETAK

INS Vikramaditya ship background

     When we gained independence, our visionary leaders saw a powerful naval power station and guided the Indian Navy into considering targeting aircraft carriers for naval control of a large area for maritime interests.  The first Indian aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, was purchased from the UK and put into operation on 4 March 1961.  INS Vikrant was the carrier of Majestic Catbar (Catapult Assisted Take Butt F) and Sea-Hawk Fighters and Allied (Submarine Warfare).  Aircraft and Discovery.  About helicopters.  According to the vision of the Indian company HMS Hermes, St.  Your STOVL aircraft carrier and the Falkland War victims p.  INS Virat was named as the first Indian STOVL ship to operate a second aircraft carrier in India and Sea Harrier on 12 12 1987.  

  Shortly after the receipt of INS Virat, INS Vikrant also switched from carrier.  For carrier STOVL (short takeoff, F, and vertical landing) for October.  INS Vikrant was canceled in 1997 after 36 years of honorary service with Indian officials.  India has had two aircraft carriers for almost a decade, and the Indian Navy was fully aware of the criticism that it was ready to deploy aircraft ships on every coast to carry out naval operations.  Realizing the importance of aircraft ships, the Indian Navy began exploring the capabilities of designing and manufacturing indigenous aircraft carriers, a project that began in the late 1990s with the idea of ​​air defense aircraft.  However, given the long duration of such projects, INS.  The search for Vikrant’s replacement under the order has been intensified.

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INS VIKRAMADITYA નો વીડિયો જુઓ અહીં ક્લિક કરી

     At that time Russia offered Admiral Gorshkov to the Indian Navy.  Negotiations began in 1994 for the acquisition of 44,500,000,000 tonnes of Admiral Gorshkov.  Several highly placed officers who independently evaluated the vessel concluded that the ship’s hull was in good financial condition and that the appropriate set of aircraft was worthy of consideration for operations in the Indian Navy.

New Incarnation ‘Vikramaditya’

     Contract signing

      After detailed negotiations, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding during the visit of Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov in December 1998.  An international agreement covering the purchase of Project 11430 (Admiral Gorshkov) was signed on 4 October 2000 between the Russian Federation and the Government Center in India. 

After reviewing the development of the project, the government, which was negotiating the contract and subsequent price negotiations, on 17 January, paid Rs.  4,881.67 Crore Purchase.  The agreement was signed on 20 and 4 January, and the agreement’s date of implementation is 24 February.  The research and development of the ship began on 9 April 04. 

     The repair and reconstruction work was carried out by the state-owned FSUE Sevmash Shipyard in Severodvinsk, Russia.  The research and development was to be completed in 52 months.  Although the repair process began with a good gift, it was soon realized that the required costs and equipment were much higher than the initial estimate.  

  Full length of cable, large parts of steel structure, engines, turbines and boilers etc.  It should be completely replaced over time as a result of financial changes and landslides.

     In the coming months, there were again long negotiations for innovation to arrive at a mutually agreeable price.  Finally, in December 2009, India and Russia agreed on the final delivery cost of the vessel.  Most importantly, the delivery of the ship was agreed only in 2012.  Although the cost of repair is much higher than previously agreed, Gorshkov will be added to the blue water.  India’s maritime needs compensate for the high cost.  A naturally designed platform for the launch of the aircraft carrier Powell, which carries powerful, long-range, multi-role combat aircraft.  Just as Gorshkov Vikramaditya has been formed, similarly Vikramaditya will be the face of the Indian Naval Air Force.

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