Ayodhya was beaten up by a married couple on Saryu river for committing indecent act

Ayodhya was beaten up by a married couple on Saryu river for committing indecent act

Obscene act on Saryu river – People beat up for indecent act by a married couple on Saryu river – Today we will tell you what happened that the couple was beaten by people.  As you know, the banks of Saryu river in Ayodhya are always crowded with tourists and different types of people come there. 

 Similarly, a couple has been found to be shameless.  The couple started doing obscene gestures in the Saryu river, which was not visible from the people standing nearby and people beat the couple on the river bank.  Shortly after the formation of Ram’s back, a large crowd has gathered here.  And this is the place where the crowds have increased in the river bed.

 Saryu River – Find out what happened at the popular tourist destination

 Saryu river is a popular bathing place for devotees and tourists visiting Ayodhya.  A video here has gone viral on social media.  In the viral video, a newlywed is seen bathing in Ram Ki Pauri.  A couple is shown bathing in Saryu.  Meanwhile the husband kisses his wife.  After which some people present there beat up the couple and behaved rudely.

વિડિઓ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

Police launched an operation against the stranger

 Saryu river – Taking note of this case itself, Ayodhya police has registered a case against 10 to 12 strangers.  Ayodhya police are now contacting the newlyweds.  Now an administrative case has been registered.  After kissing the bride, a group of young men who had taken a bath approached the newlyweds and started beating her, accusing her of being obscene.  At first the wife tried to save her husband, but she was frightened when she saw the crowd of young men growing.  Seeing this, people gathered and started beating the woman’s husband.

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 Saryu River – Police are trying to find out where the newlyweds are

 SSP Shailesh Pandey said the video is a week old.  The news has been featured prominently since the video went viral.  After which the police took action.  Police have not yet received any complaint in the matter.  Police are trying to find out where the couple is from.  Also, if they have any complaint, it will be noted and action will be taken.

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